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Adobe And Teardrops Podcast

Aug 7, 2020

We built a desk! Also, stay tuned for a Facebook livestream. And we raised another $200 for the Trans Justice Funding Project in July!
You can read Andrea Williams’ latest article about the intersection of racism and sexism in country music in the Nashville Scene.
Album of the Week -- Golden Shoals, Golden Shoals
This week’s album is Golden Shoals. This is the new project of duo Amy Alvey and Mark Kilianski, formerly of Hoot and Holler. The album has the warmth of any classic bluegrass and old time jam combined with modern 2020-era wit. The album is beautifully engineered, and with Alvey and Kilianski’s (platonic) intimacy, listening to Golden Shoals feels like you’re hanging out with your best buds on your favorite porch.
  1. Sam Rae -- “Just in Case” (Ten Thousand Years)
  2. Kyle Cox -- “Toy Trains” (Single)
  3. Steven Bruce -- “Weekend Song” (Same Time, Same Place, Same Station)
  4. The Mesa -- “Keeping Company” (Single)
  5. Black Guy Fawkes -- “Less Songs, More War” (Less Songs More War)
  6. Creature Comfort -- “Arcade Fire” (Single)
  7. Tan Sanders -- “Convenient Chaos” (Dead Strings EP)
  8. Michelle Billingsley -- “Gaslighting” (Not the Marrying Kind)
  9. Molly Maher -- “Bird Song (I’ll Follow You)” (Follow)
  10. Her Dad’s Banjo -- “Forever Wild” (Single)
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