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Adobe And Teardrops Podcast

Jul 31, 2020

Are you ready to hear about small adventures, small pups prepping for adventures, country, blues, folk, and jazz fusion? Buckle up!

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Album of the Week -- Roadside Graves (That’s Why We’re Running Away)

Roadside Graves is a formerly Brooklyn-based band that’s now in New Jersey, this album is about learning how to walk away from situations. I had a really hard time picking two songs to feature: Roadside Graves are that rare combination of sonically experimental with the lyrics to back up their chops. I love the forlorn melange of punk, roots, and indie rock.

  1. Margo Price  -- “Twinkle Twinkle” (That’s How Rumors Get Started)
  2. Courtney Marie Andrews -- “If I Told” (Old Flowers)
  3. Kristian Veech -- “Running” (Single)
  4. The Replacements -- “Androgynous” (Let It Be) AND “Nobody” (All Shook Down)
  5. Roadside Graves -- “Dead Kids” That’s Why We’re Running Away)
  6. Doc Fell -- “Gotta Be” (Single)
  7. fIREHOSE -- “Chemical Wire” (Ragin’, Full On)
  8. The Lounge Lizards -- “Voice of Chunk” (Voice of Chunk) 
  9. Merry Christmas -- “Meredith Bites the Earth” (The Night The Night Fell) 
  10. Dennis Ellsworth -- “Made For You” (Common Senselessness)
  11. Molly Maher -- “Bird Song (I’ll Follow You)” (Follow)
  12. Samantha Crain -- “Certain Expectations” (A Small Death) 

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