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Adobe And Teardrops Podcast

Jul 24, 2020

Rachel had a beach day! And watched baseball! It’s *almost* like it’s summer.
And remember! All Patreon and Ko-fi proceeds these month go to the Trans Justice Funding Project!
Album of the Week: Stephie James -- These Days
I forgot to talk about this in the podcast itself but These Days is my favorite album this week. I enjoy the way James builds an entire alternate universe out of these five songs. It’s like traveling down a road you know by heart -- except it turns out that’s not actually true. It’s comforting and adventurous all at the same time.
  1. Cinder Well -- “No Summer” (No Summer)
  2. Hit Like a Girl -- “No More Dysphoria” (Single)
  3. Michaela Anne -- “Good Times” (Single)
  4. Stephie James -- “Sin City” (These Days)
  5. Bad Flamingo -- “Dandy Little Day” (Single)
  6. Drama Dolls -- “Favorite Girl” (Single)
  7. Dirty Streets -- “Think Twice” (Rough & Tumble)
  8. Rev. J. Mikhael Smith and the Brimstone Miracle -- “Certain Expectations” (Dogwood Winter)
  9. SG Goodman -- “The Way I Talk” (Old Time Feeling)
  10. Chantel Van T -- “Rumble and Crawl” (Single)
  11. Songhoy Blues -- “Worry” (Single)
  12. Secret American -- “Here Comes a Man” (Warmth & Shelter)

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