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Adobe And Teardrops Podcast

Jul 10, 2020

Rachel has some mysterious bug bites (uh-oh) and some thoughts on Lady Antebellum.
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  1. Paul Sanchez -- “A Thousand Songs” (I’m A Song, I’m a Story, I’m a Ghost)
  2. Zoe Boekbinder -- “Mirror” (Shadow)
  3. Nickel and Rose -- “Another Man” (Single)
  4. Joshua Ray Walker -- “Voices” (Glad You Made It)
  5. Nocona -- “Too Much to Lose” (Los Dos)
  6. Folks Like Them -- “Folks Like Them” (Single)
  7. Libby Rodenbough -- “Country Jam” (Spectacle of Love)
  8. The Weakerthans -- “Sun in an Empty Room” (Reunion Tour)
  9. The Greyhound Factory -- “Someday” (Single)
  10. Ozymandias Carter -- “Rise Again” (The Vanishing Crowd)
  11. Ameena Sharif Ali -- “Farewell to My Man” (Single)
  12. Mashmallow -- “Heaven Is You” (Single)
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