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Adobe And Teardrops Podcast

Jul 3, 2020

Rachel recounts her Pride adventures and is proud of Bella for fucking up the vet. Rosa says hello! And there’s some great Southern rock in this episode.
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  1. Dexateens -- “Take Me to the Speedway” (Heathens Homecoming 2020)
  2. Julian Taylor -- “The Ridge” (The Ridge)
  3. Micah Bendigo -- “I Walked in the Water” (Single)
  4. Ashleigh Flynn and the Riveters -- “This Love” (This Love)
  5. Dirt Reynolds -- “I Know What it Means” (Scalawag)
  6. Lacey Williams -- “Cut’n’Curl” (Single)
  7. Tenille Townes -- “The Most Beautiful Things” (Lemonade Stand)
  8. Michael McArthur -- “Wild In the Blood” (Oh, Sedona)
  9. Brooke Stephensen -- “Backbone” (Single)
  10. Rochelle Riser -- “Way Out There” (Single)
  11. Amina Shareef -- “Farewell to My Man” (Single)
  12. Will Stewart -- “Southern Raphael” (Way Gone)
  13. Greater Bird of Paradise -- “The Hourglass” (Single)
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