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Adobe And Teardrops Podcast

Jun 9, 2020

We’ve got a big chonker of an episode this time out. Here, Rachel talks about the Black Lives Matter movement and how it impacts country and roots music.

She forgot to mention it in the podcast, but she also made a playlist of anti-racist white musicians. Anti-racism means actively defining and fighting against all the insidious or “subconscious” forms racism takes -- and admitting that all white people have this ingrained in them. Here’s where you can read more about anti-racism. Here’s where you can listen to the Spotify playlist, which she’ll dig into on this coming Friday’s episode.

  1. Amythyst Kiah -- “Black Myself” (Songs Of Our Native Daughters)
  2. Jake Blount -- “Where Did You Sleep Last Night?” (Spider Tales)
  3. Mickey Guyton -- “Black Like Me” (Single) 
  4. Paisley Fields -- “You & The Country” (Electric Park Ballroom)
  5. Cory Grinder and the Playboy Scouts -- “I Wouldn’t Count On It” (Good Boy)
  6. Christopher Odell Mills -- “Heaven” (Single)
  7. Wilderness -- “American Lights” (Real Rock Radio) 
  8. Uncle Sinner -- “Rocky Island” (Trouble Of This World) 
  9. Lowbirds -- “1995” (A Few Years In) 
  10. Soo Line Loons -- “What Matters Now” (What Matters Now: The Quarantine Sessions) 
  11. Under the Reefs Orchestra -- “Tucuman” (s/t)
  12. The Juniper Berries -- “Give Up Yr Ghost” (The Juniper Berries)
  13. Dustbowl Daddies -- “Shoulda Let You Down” (Single) 
  14. Russ Parish -- “Together” (Single) 
  15. Troubaduo -- “Bright Side of Blue” (Songs of Hope, Vol. 1)
  16. Tom Galloway -- “Mercy Of Your Mood” (Single) 
  17. Raye Zaragoza -- “Fight Like a Girl” (Single)

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