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Adobe And Teardrops Podcast

Apr 20, 2018

Rachel and Von wrap up their two-part recording session. This time, they delve into home brewing, the importance of back-up gifts, Amanda Palmer and the merits of Kickstarter. Also, they don’t endorse book burning but sometimes you just need to deface your dad’s first-edition copy of Art of the Deal and put it on Snapchat.

Music in this episode:

Charlie Overybey - “The Ballad of Eddie Spaghetti” (Broken Arrow)

Lincoln Durham - “Preacher”(And Into Heaven Came The Night)

Young Valley - “Til I Cross Your Mind” (Young Valley)

The Glorious Sons - “Godless, Graceless and Young”(Young Beauties And Fools)

Juice - “Sugar” (Single)

Parker Millsap - “Fine Line” (Other Arrangements)

Bold Forbes - “Sugar Hill” (High Time)

The Ghost Of Paul Revere - “Honey Please” AND “Avalanche” (Monarch)

Joseph Houck - “Level Headed Blues” (Roam)

Frank Turner - “1933” AND “Blackout” (Be More Kind)


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