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Adobe And Teardrops Podcast

May 15, 2020

In this episode, Rachel test drives a new format with none other than Cindy Emch of the Secret Emchy Society. Cindy is one of the pre-eminent voices of queer country music. In addition to her new album, The Chaser, out on 5/15, we discuss glory holes and queer porn (it’s family friendly!), New Orleans as a music city, isolation and intimacy while on tour, and vintage country sounds.
Cindy also has a radio show on Friday afternoons on Gimme Country -- if you like intersectional vintage-style country, download the app!  

  1. Jeff Brown -- “Melody” (The French King Was Decapitated)
  2. Carolyn Mark -- “In Another Time” (Come! Back! Special!)
  3. Sweet Water Warblers -- “Turn to Stone” (The Dream That Holds This Child)
  4. Pharis and Jason Romero -- “Kind Girl” (Bet on Love)
  5. Beckylin & Her Druthers - Get Behind Me Satan & Push (Mom is Always Right)
  6. Smokey Brights -- “Save Us Sarah” (I Love You But Damn”
  7. Jeremy and the Harlequins -- “Nervous Wreck” (Single)
  8. Whitacre -- “Southbound Train” (Seasons)
  9. Mercy Bell - Chocolate Milk & Whiskey (Mercy Bell)
  10. Jack Pine and The Fire -- “Rich in Time” (Single)
  11. Orville Peck -- “Summertime” (Single)
  12. Sam Doores - Let It Roll (Let it Roll)
  13. Thomas and the Empty Orchestra -- “Old Crow” (Single)
  14. Trixie Mattel - Stranger (Barbara)
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