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Adobe And Teardrops Podcast

May 8, 2020

I’ve got a new fuzzy little co-host (NOT Von) and she joins us for this podcast! Also, a lot of fun new songs!
  1. Aloud -- “Hungry Land” (Sprezzatura)
  2. Gabe Lee -- “Honky Tonk Hell” (Honky Tonk Hell)
  3. Brendan and the Strangest Ways -- “We Can’t Beat Mercury” (Single)
  4. Sylvia Rose Novak -- “Little Sister” (South of Boulder)
  5. NOVA ONE -- “somebody” (loveable)
  6. Bad Flamingo -- “Bad Apple” (Single)
  7. Elijah Ocean -- “The Places We Came From” (Back to the Lander)
  8. The Sweater Set -- “Being Alone” (Fly On the Wall)
  9. The Old Yellers -- “Red Bird Calling” (Ten From Town)
  10. Katey Bell -- “You’ve Found Me Alone” (Little Town)
  11. Jonny Gold -- “How Do You Like Me Now” (the fever)
  12. Max Garcia Conover -- “Handsome Suit” (Single)
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