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Adobe And Teardrops Podcast

Apr 10, 2020

This is a doozy of an episode but it’s packed with great music and belly laughs. First, Rachel gets into some sad music, including the tragic news of John Prine’s passing. Then she does a set before being joined by Ellen Angelico, one of Nashville’s funniest side musicians. After that, she talks to the folks behind the Bluegrass Situation’s new bluegrass podcast, Toy Heart.
Also! We’re having a 9th Anniversary Pre-Party on 4/26 in the comfort of your own home! RSVP on Facebok and join me and a whole bunch of awesome artists for a livestream festival!
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  1. John Prine -- “Paradise” (John Prine)
  2. The Shondes -- “True North” (Brighton)
  3. Phoebe Hunt and the Gatherers -- “Marching On” (Neither One of Us is Wrong)
  4. Nathan Kalish -- “Independence Day” (Songs for Nobody)
  5. Martin & The Fall -- “This Diamond Lasts Forever” (Single)
  6. Jess Jocoy -- “Somewhere Somebody” (Such a Long Way)
  7. Skylar Gudasz -- “Actress” (Cinema)
  8. Eagle Rock Gospel Singers -- “I Will Rise” (Single)
  9. Fern Maddie -- “North Branch River” (North Branch River)
  10. Jo Fleetwood -- “Nostalgic” (Single)
  11. Jack Sledge -- “Drifter” (Notes of a Drifter)
  12. Michelle Brooke -- “Find Your Love” (Light It Up)
  13. Cam -- Til There's Nothing Left (Single)
  14. Basia Bulat - “Homesick” (Are You in Love?)
  15. Kyshona -- “Try” (Listen)
  16. Pageant -- “So Close to Home” (Pageant)
  17. Little Bandit -- “Bed of Bad Luck” (Breakfast Alone
  18. Talitha Ferri -- “The Sadness Lasts Forever” (Single)
  19. Delta Rae -- “Take Me There” (The Light)
  20. Noah Smith -- “Cigarettes and Jesus” (Single)
  21. Where I Thought I'd Be - Hailey Steele (Single)
  22. Justin Fancy -- “Think About You” (Single)
Music featured: “Toy Heart” by Roland White (Trying to Get to You)
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