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Adobe And Teardrops Podcast

Apr 1, 2020

I got to interview another of musical heroes, John Thomas Griffith of Cowboy Mouth! 

Also, we raised $100 for Nashville Tornado relief! I’m going to donate it to Gideon’s Army 

  1. Caleb Caudle -- “Call It a Day” AND “Bigger Oceans” (Better Hurry Up)
  2. Bishops -- “Circles” AND “Temporary” (The Good Things Never Last)
  3. Stripmall Ballads -- “Pull Over Johnny” AND “Susan at the Crossroads” (Distant)
  4. Cave Flowers -- “Upper Hand” (Cave Flowers) 
  5. Nikki and the Phantom Callers -- “Blue Moonlight” AND “Mica Hill” (Everybody’s Going to Hell (But You and Me)) 
  6. Heather Valley -- “Ohio River” AND “Trawler” (Desert Message)
  7. The Atkins Tent Revival -- “Baby Says (She’s Gonna be a Pornstar)” (Getting Older)
  8. Andy Brasher (April) -- “Crows and Buzzards” AND “Checkbook” (Myna Bird)
  9. Chloe Foy -- “Callous Copper” (Single) 
  10. Jackie Bristow -- “Blue Moon Rising” (Single) There’s a powerful blues groove here that I of course dug into

INTERVIEW with John Thomas Griffith of Cowboy Mouth 

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