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Adobe And Teardrops Podcast

Apr 13, 2018

Rachel and Von record two episodes in a row as a double-header (you’ll hear them a week apart, though.) Our heroes once again battle with names that are difficult to pronounce! We also get deep into discussing adult crushes and what it’s like to stick out when you’re in public.

Jeff Przech - “Cold November” (Jeff Przech and the Outfit)

The Wind And The Wave - “Human Beings” (Single)

Noah Derksen - “Wilderness Of Oregon”

Western Centuries - “Earthly Justice” (Songs From the Deluge)

Mickelson - “No Such Luck” (A Wondrous Life)

Faustina Masigat - “Colored Glass” (Faustina Masigat)

Grant-Lee Phillips - “Walk In Circles” (Widdershins)

Sarah Shook - “What It Takes” (Years)

Liz Brasher - “Outcast” (Outcast)

Will Stewart, “Brush Arbor” (County Seat)

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