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Adobe And Teardrops Podcast

Mar 25, 2020

What Rosa and I have learned about each other. And a spicy interview with Heart Hunters!
CORRECTION: At the time of recording, I did not realize that Mae Krell uses "they/them" pronouns. My deepest apologies, Mae!
  1. Mae Krell -- “Garden” (Single)
  2. Sarah Peacock -- “Mojave” (Burn the Witch)
  3. Olivia Bandy -- “Things That Take Up Space” (Here to Home)
  4. Jesse Daniel -- “Mayo and the Mustard”(Rollin’ On)
  5. Kalee Smyth -- “Bring Your Love Down”(The Ceiling)
  6. Sweet Violet Boys -- “I Love My Fruit”
  7. Davey and the Midnights -- “Old River” (Full Moon EP)
  8. Ingham Station -- “Feathers” (Single)
INTERVIEW: Heart Hunters
  • Music featured: Smokin Potpourri
Learn more about Heart Hunters here:
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