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Adobe And Teardrops Podcast

Mar 18, 2020

Well, I’m not gonna talk about it. But I am gonna talk about this: tornado relief, Never Again Action.
Since we all have more time and there's so much music, I'm doubling up on episodes from now until May!
Here’s the Facebook group I mentioned: Viral Music -- Because Kindness is Contagious
  1. William Prince -- “Reliever” (Reliever)
  2. Angie Mattson -- “Cool Water” (Skeleton Arm)
  3. Norma MacDonald -- “Blue as a Jay” (Burn the Tapes) (old album)
  4. Hearth -- “January” (Single)
  5. Divahn -- “Hamavdil” (Shalhevet)
  6. Arik Dov -- “Phone Call From God” (The Man)
  7. Liam Corcoran -- “Giving Tree” (Giving Tree and Other Songs)
  8. GUIGUISUISUI -- “Side A (Short Version)” (33 Trees)
All earnings from this months podcast will go to tornado relief in Nashville.
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