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Adobe And Teardrops Podcast

Mar 13, 2020

Dinner with old pals, modern opera, women’s soccer...and a whole lot of dudes in this week’s episode of Adobe & Teardrops!


  1. Ryan Perry -- “Ain’t Afraid to Eat Alone” AND “A Heart I Didn’t Break” (High Risk Low Reward)
  2. Digawolf -- “Digital Nomad” AND “Northern Love Affair” (Yellowstone)
  3. The Tristones -- “First World Problems” AND “Camaro” (Camaro) 
  4. Dean Winter and The Heat -- “Bittersweet Love” AND “Saw The Lightning” (Pay Dirt)
  5. Juliana MacDowell -- “Two Kinds of People” AND “What More Must I Say?” (Leaving Home)
  6. Michael B Whit -- “Camp Jackson” (Handle Hard EP) 
  7. Rookie -- “Sunglasses” AND “Hold on Tight” (Rookie)
  8. Michael Kurowski -- “Swim Slowly” (Single) 
  9. Will Overman -- “Something to Hold” (Single)
  10. Zachary Friederich -- “How Many Is Enough?” (Single) 

All earnings from this month’s podcast will go to tornado relief in Nashville.

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