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Adobe And Teardrops Podcast

Feb 28, 2020


Rachel gets domestical, then plays the music of:

  • Kyshona -- “We the People” (Listen)
  • Little Big Town -- “Next to You” (Nightfall)
  • Sea Offs -- “Will (you)” (En Root)
  • Drew Beckman + The Boundary Boys-- “Blue Ridge Mountain Boy” (Blue Horses)
  • Justin Fancy -- “Long Time Comin” (Single)
  • Dirt Road Opera -- “Rattlin’ Bones” (Nowheresville)
  • Dave Douglas and ENGAGE -- “Showing Up (Alternate Take)” (Engage)
  • Jaimie Branch -- “theme nothing” (Fly or Die)
  • Suzy Callahan -- “I Built a House For Frank Lloyd Wright” (Single)
  • Lawrence Maxwell -- “Whiskey Songs (feat. Bridgette Blanchard)” (Single) 

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