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Adobe And Teardrops Podcast

Feb 14, 2020

Where else are you gonna Malian kora music, country, rockabilly, and extended guitar improv in one podcast? Without even getting off of your couch? Nowhere! Tune in and enjoy!

But do get off your couch if you’re in Brooklyn! Come see me, The Great Dying, and Goldenchild at C’mon Everybody in Brooklyn on Thursday, February 20th! This’ll be a full-band show for Goldenchild, and the Great Dying are Brooklyn-born and bred. “Writing a Song in Blue Ink” was initially written for David Berman. This stands to be a fantastic show!
  1. Ballake Sissoko and Baba Sissoko-- “Sigi Gno Gonya” AND “Angata” (Sissoko & Sissoko)
  2. KINLEY -- “Washington” (KINLEY)
  3. Jordan McEwen -- “Strike a Chord” (Single)
  4. Ron Pope -- “Wait and See” AND “Habits” (Bone Structure)
  5. Tami Neilson -- “You Were Mine” AND “Queenie, Queenie” (CHICKABOOM!)
  6. Joe Buchanan -- “Driftwood” AND “How Good It Is” (Back From Babylon)
  7. Emma Hill -- “Early To Bed” (How Could I Have Been So Wrong?)
  8. Melody English -- “Affect Me” AND “Badlands” (Melody)
  9. Goldenchild -- “I Just Want Tonight” (Goldenchild)
  10. The Great Dying -- “Writing a Song in Blue Ink” (Bloody Noses & Roses)
  11. Elkhorn -- “Electric One (Part B)” (The Storm Sessions)
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