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Adobe And Teardrops Podcast

Feb 7, 2020

New release nirvana and wifi woes. Also, when I said “ash tray” it sounds like I said “ass tray.” Food for thought!
  1. John Moreland -- “A Thought Is Just a Passing Train” AND “Let Me Be Understood” (LP5)
  2. Darth Nater -- “Every Lie I’ve Ever Been Told” AND “Coexist” (Untruth)
  3. Hannah Juanita -- "Our Love is Done" (Single)
  4. Miss Tess -- “The Moon Is An Ashtray” AND “I Wanna Be a Cowboy” (The Moon Is an Ashtray)
  5. Kathryn Claire -- “Eastern Bound For Glory” AND “Stay Gold” (Eastern Bound For Glory)
  6. Jen Starsinic -- “Foreign Thing” AND “Bad Actor” (Bad Actor)
  7. Sarah Pray -- “Like It Matters” (Caralee, Once There Was)
  8. The Jab -- “Riot” AND “Analeeza” (Consume)
  9. Born Again Virgin -- “Nothing In Your Eyes” (Single) (Homoground)
  10. Arbor Labor Union -- “Under the Tree” (New Petal Instants)
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