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Adobe And Teardrops Podcast

Sep 11, 2019

Hello! I recently wrote an article on The Boot about the history of queer country music! There’s so much more than I wrote about -- and even many more artists than I’m including on this episode. 

If you read my blog or listen to this podcast, you know I’m not great at tact. So I’ll also include the spicier takes that didn’t make the cut since it’s an article -- not an op-ed! 

I cannot stress enough that these opinions are all my own. 

For more background on the modern queer country community, see this article from Wide Open Country.


Lavender Country -- “Lavender Country” (Lavender Country)

k.d. lang and the Reclines -- “Big-Boned Gal” (Absolute Torch and Twang)

The Indigo Girls -- “The Rise of the Black Messiah” (One Lost Day)

Melissa Etheridge -- “Come To My Window” (Yes I Am)

Tracy Chapman -- “Fast Car” (Tracy Chapman)

Karen and the Sorrows -- “Guaranteed Broken Heart” (Guaranteed Broken Heart)

My Gay Banjo -- “Muscle For Money” 

Sam Gleaves -- “Hot Pink House Trailer” (Fink, Marxer, & Gleaves)

Justin Hiltner -- “I’m Not in Love With You” (Watch It Burn w. Jon Weisberger) 

Paisley Fields -- “Periwinkle” (Glitter & Sawdust)

Amythyst Kiah -- “Wildebeest” (Amythyst Kiah And Her Chest of Glass)

Brandon Stansell -- “Hometown” (Single)

Orville Peck -- “Hope to Die” (Pony)

Sarah Shook -- “What It Takes” (Years)

Mariel Buckley -- “I Wonder” (Driving in the Dark)

Loamlands -- “Some Boy You Don’t Need” (Lez Dance)

The Highwomen -- “If She Ever Leaves Me” (The Highwomen)

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