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Adobe And Teardrops Podcast

Oct 18, 2019

Urban decay, rural revival, Yom Kippur contemplations, and all the best alt-country that’s fit to share!
Also, I have a Kickstarter! Contribute here!
  1. Kelly Hoppenjans -- “If I Had You (Love Letter From a Padded Cell)” (OK, I Feel Better Now)
  2. Sammy Kay -- “Try to Find” (Civil/War)
  3. William Lawrence...

Oct 11, 2019

Queer rights, grunge-inspired country, and comic books. Your usual Adobe & Teardrops episode!
Also, I have a Kickstarter! Contribute here!
  1. EG Vines -- “Feel Again” (Family Business)
  2. Bradford Loomis -- “Chasing Stable” (Where the Light Ends)
  3. Caleb Young Band -- “Long Road Home” (Single) 

Oct 4, 2019

It’s Rachel’s first live episode all by herself! Thanks to everyone who joined us on the Discord chat! (Want to hop on next time? Get more info at the Patreon -- link below!) Rosa also makes a guest disappearance!
We get a little mellow this week. And honestly, couldn’t we all use that?
  1. Kelsey Waldon --...

Sep 27, 2019

Residual exhaustion but a whole lot of exciting music!

  1. Aviva Chernick -- “Kol Dodi”(La Serena)
  2. Charlie Wooton Project -- “Tell Me a Story” (Blue Basso)
  3. Malin Petersen -- “Alonesome” (Alonesome) 
  4. Brittany Howard -- “13th Century Metal” (Jaime)
  5. John Calvin Abney -- “Typeface in Bold” (Safe Passage)

Sep 20, 2019

I recorded this on Monday and it’s already been a hell of a week! I got to see Brandi Carlile SELL OUT Madison Square Garden. I have more thoughts (and videos) here

See below for a little note The Sometimes Boys dropped me in honor of their last album (for now.)

Also, an experiment with sets!


  1. The Sometimes Boys...